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Wednesday, June 28th, 2006
10:12 am
To those who care, this journal is now officialy DEAD.

I have a new blog on the wife and mine's website.

If you care, email me/IM/Leave comment and I might let you in on the secret.

/journal....for good!

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Sunday, May 28th, 2006
10:19 pm
Just a quick update for all my adoring and fairly patient fans...

I got a job a couple of weeks ago. I am the IT Director/Database Admin/Systems Admin/Basically I AM the IT department for a company called [Name Removed] for the interested. I have an office and basically just makes sure the database they use is working well. And in between I code some for redoing the whole system either as ASP.net or with Visual Studios 2005. Pay is quite nice for an out of college job, and I should be getting a raise here shortly.

The wife and I are going to try and get a website up here soon to keep up on what we are doing and what trouble we are getting into here in Florida. We will also have some pics of the wedding/move/graduation/etc and a message board for people to keep in contact.

Make sure you see her blog over at kittenkiller22 to keep up with her adventures down here in Bradenton.  She actually updates, so you might want to check her site more often to see what us loverly married kids are up to.  She is still looking for a good job, and will have one soon as the job market is actually quite booming down here.  Wish her luck! 

We are enjoying the weather down here and have gone to the beach quite a bit, and we both got pretty burnt today.   The apartment complex we are in has a nice pool that we go to a couple times a week and we are basically just enjoying living in the area we are in.

That is it for now so keep around for updates...


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Saturday, March 18th, 2006
3:35 pm
Ok, this is another one of those hated "subleaser needed" posts...but with a twist!

My wife and I are planning on moving to Florida fairly soon, and at the end of April at the latest. As such we are in the need of a subleaser to cover the months of May-September.

The twist is that this is not a apt in Muncie, but in Indy. It is RIGHT at the junction of I-456 and 56th Street at Salem Courthouse Apartments, and is quite nice. The rent would be $300ish and it would be with a roomate. It is a female roomate, so a female would be preferrable. The roomate already owns a cat and some fish, so a love of pets would be needed.

This is the perfect thing for someone who is going home for the summer but dreads the thought of having to actually live back in their house with the parents. If you can only make it through August, we would be willing to work something out for the last month. The good bit is that we are already going to pay all of April, so if you need to move in before May, your first payment isn't until June 1st.

If anybody is interested (or knows anyone who is interested) just email me at Shortt.Sirket (at) gmail.com or my wife at lpfreak03 (at) hotmail.com. We are really wanting to get down to Florida as soon as we can, as my wife has a job waiting, so PLEASE think about!!!

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Thursday, February 2nd, 2006
10:07 pm
Another attempt, this time with some quick writings...

The rainCollapse )

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Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
1:24 pm

Well, as you all may have noticed from my last post, I am trying to get back into writing.  Instead of just writing in the way I feel the most comfortable at, as in last post, I am going to try to mix it up.  This post is a short story, and I admit it's inspiration comes from the poem, "Owen Meany."  It is behind the cut, as will all my future writing "attempts," so those of you who don't care don't have to read my drivel.  Although any questions/comments/critiques are welcome.  I can't be a better writer unless I fix my problems.  So...yeah! 

The life we want...Collapse )

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Monday, January 30th, 2006
12:50 pm
We hit the night, colliding through the lights reveling in our freedom. Wrong turns prevailed, but all was made good with some Double Cheeseburgers and Orange Juice. Devouring this concoction of the gods, our heads raced harder with each street we hit closer to our divine destination. We give our names, get our tags and head into the throng. People move like candy-colored neon snakes, writhing and twisting through each other. Men, with their garish display of neon feathers, attract potential mates with hypnotizing moves. We hustle through the participants in this night of lights, looking for the spot to watch and wait. The clock moves to the beats of the DJ, he controls time here and we are powerless. Like gods they control our every move, they say when to move – to stop – and when to dance. They are our puppeteers and we are nothing but toys on a string when they spin their beats. But we don’t mind, no one does.

We head upstairs and choose our poisons with the kinds of abandon that can only be made in the dark with strangers. “Anything with Hypnotiq” says the goddess at my side, showing the true enjoyment of the moment. I choose mine and we clutch our liquid pleasure tightly as we wash through the sea of expensive shirts. We down our drinks as if we were dying of thirst, the slow burn hitting our throats long after the drink is gone. Small threats of inhibition slowly work their way from our bodies, and we move deeper into the crowd. It is the true night now, midnight, and the real reason we are here is hitting the set. They move with the simple fluidity afforded by those who know their course better than they know themselves, and the beats hit. The crowd rocks insane, movement from every direction and of every type. Slow mourners, fast killers and liquid sex fill the small floor and we cannot help but get caught up. We move to a combination of our own feel and the DJs instructions. Fog billows in like ghosts looking for souls to possess. Eventually though, even we start to feel the wear of the night.

Pounding floors and screaming speakers start to invade our vibe. We have been here long enough and decide to slip back into the quiet inky night. Still pounding in our ears, we talk about the night.

Definitely worth the lack of sleep, all for a bit of sanity to return…it was a good night.

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Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
11:29 pm
It is a sad day for gamers everywhere...

Working Designs is dead!

That is right, the king of localization is no more. No more great games like Lunar, Lunar 2 or Vanguard Bandits. No more hard-bound instruction books, cloth maps or punching Ghaleon puppets. I shall go home and be glad I have the games I have by them.

RIP Working Designs....you will be missed.


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Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
11:00 am
HAHA! Did I call it or WHAT? Check this out!

...yes I am sure everyone saw it coming, but I POSTED about it....so go soak your heads.


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Monday, October 17th, 2005
2:18 pm

I am not sure if many of you have been following the Penny-Arcade VS Jack Thompson thing, but if you haven't  you owe it to yourself to check it out.  The initial info starts here, goes here, and now is here.

The basic premise is that Jack Thompson, a crazy right-wing attorney, offered $10K to a charity if someone would make a game where you play as a dad whos son was killed by another kid who played violent video games.  The goal was to go and kill everyone who had to do with video games, culminating at the big E3 show where you would have to kill everyone. 

Yes its stupid and the guy needs mental help, and he was told all this by the crew at PA.  Things got crazy, but it really got awesome today.  A group of hackers made a Grand Theft Auto mod that did exactly what Jack wanted.  Jack then went against his word and said that he meant it as a joke and wouldn't donate ANY money to a charity.  So guess what!  PA went ahead and donated the $10K that he said he would....and did it in his name.  CHECKMATE! 

Hell, even the guy from VGCats gets into it.

So..my life.  Let's see....work, school, work, see fiance, work, sleep, school see fiance...yeah that about covers it.  School is getting hectic and I wish I could quit my two jobs and just work bloody one.  I hope to update more later, but my wrists hurt from typing on a laptop. 


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Tuesday, September 13th, 2005
11:37 am
Funniest. Thing. EVER!
-smaller file for those broadband-impaired-

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10:18 am
We got out of our class really freakin' early today and I have some time to kill before I goto my useless Web Design class, so I thought I would update.  Classes are going good and I think I am doing well in all of them as of now.  Next Tuesday, the 20th, Dr. Sharma asked me to arrange a Cricket game for us in the ISOM department.  It starts at 5pm here at BSU, so if anyone wants to come and play they are invited. 

Life is frantic and busy and bloody crazy all at the same time.  I can't wait till we hit Florida on Thursday and get to chill with Andrea and Justin again.  I miss hanging out with them and just drinkin' and chillin'.  If you want something from Florida, just be sure to ask and I will see what I can do.

See, THIS is why I don't update.  I have freakin' nothing to talk about!  My girl, kittenkiller22, really updates everything that is interesting before I can get to it, so really just check her journal for info on me...lol!



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Thursday, September 1st, 2005
1:15 pm
I have no officially lost almost all faith in humanity.  After reading all the news on CNN.com about the lawlessness and the looting that is going on in New Orleans now, I just hate people more and more.  You all need to check out katrinacane's journal/friends list for ongoing blogs of people who decided to stay  through the storm.   It is riveting and disgusting all at once.   I wish our society was better than this...but it appears not.  I hope everyone who is looting or raping/murdering , or general ly taking advantage of this situation gets their karmic reward.


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Friday, August 12th, 2005
1:21 am
Well kiddos, I am now engaged. That's right, your lovable blogger is now engaged to the sexy and supremely gorgeous kittenkiller22.  Read her journal for all the "loverly" details. 

I know I haven't updated in like flippin' months, but with this two jobs thing it has been hard finding time.  I now work at both Marsh and EB Games and they are treating me pretty decent.  Besides working, all I have done is see my girl and play LOTS and LOTS of Morrowind.

I did hit the Mid-Ohio American Le Mans as well as the most recent Formula D event in Chicago.  I should have an update soon with the pics.  I even got my picture taken with Tarzan Yamata!  So..yeah, lots of crap to do and no time to do it in.  Hopefully I can get back to some sort of regular schedule.

Lataz kids!


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Friday, June 10th, 2005
12:56 pm
Well, contrary to popular belief I am actually quite alive.  Although I am pretty freakin' tired from all this work I have been doing.  I am currently on day 18 in a row of working, and my next day off is not until after my 27th day.  Add to that the 50-60 hours a week I am working and I am sure you can see how busy I have been.

Other than work I really haven't been doing a whole lot.  My girl and I have been busy to going to the horse track, or going to Cinci, or trying to work some time together with our hectic schedules.  We are heading down to Atlanta on the 23rd to look for job, apts and just generally check the area out for when we move.  Some of our good friends are moving down to Florida that weekend too, so we are going to follow them to Atlanta to give them some company on such a long trip. 

I will attempt to update this bloody thing a bit more often depending on how much time and crap I gotta do.


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Wednesday, May 11th, 2005
12:59 am

That is right kiddos, the forum is back and well..its already the best, so BESTER than ever!  Go and click on that little image-thingy up there and join the fun.

I am now back from school and enjoying my summer.  I am working and chillin' with my homies here in Indy.  I am back on dialup so expect less updates because I hate to wrestle my phoneline into submission so it will actually update this bastard. 

Yeah, sad update eh?  I will have more when it happens.


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Wednesday, May 4th, 2005
1:56 pm

Since everyone is doing it, I thought I would have some fun too!  Enjoy!

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Monday, May 2nd, 2005
2:31 am

My math is better than yours!Collapse )

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Thursday, April 28th, 2005
6:28 am

I just saw a cool commercial for an Audi A3 that was stolen from one of the showrooms.  I checked out the site here and found out that it is actually an "Alternate Reality Game" that is put on by Audi.  If you have never heard of these games, check out unfiction.com or do a search of them.  They are cool detective like stories that make the players actually become participants and characters in the evolving story.  They are really cool to get into if you have the time, but they do require a bit of time digging through the internet, sending emails, calling people and etc.  If you have some extra time, or just like a good mystery, give these a look.

We got our grades and what place we came in for our BIAA Airport consulting projects.  Our group was third place out of the eight teams...and we got a 65%.  Yeah, thats right.  We got a freakin' D on this trash!  Oh, and what makes it great is that the team that came in 6th place....also got a 65%.  Pretty much every team got a D and a LOT of kids are pissed off in the ISOM department.  There have been emails flying back and forth from students and professors and it looks like a lot of teams are going to both the Dean and the head of the ISOM department.  They are trying to get the grade dropped, which I completely agree with.  This project was worth 20% in one of my classes and 10% in another.  Thats enough to pull my nice Bs into C territory.  I don't care that much but it really is the point of the thing.

I have decided to turn this LJ of mine into a more car-related blog.  I will still posting whats going on in my life, but I want to do more research and more thoughts on cars/racing/automotive type stuff.  I see all these awesome vehicles and races and it just frustrates me because its like this huge freakin' itch that I just cannot scratch.  I know one day I will be able to, but I just REALLY want to now.  LOL!  Here is one of my latest ideas.  Take the wonderful 350Z Track Edition and take out the 287HP (yes there is a 300HP but it gets real wheezy at high RPMs) VQ35DE motor.  Drop in the silky smooth 335HP VK45DE motor from the M45.  Since you have the Track Edition, you already have beefier suspension, upgraded brakes and light rims.  You could call the 450Z and bill it as an M3 Killer.  I mean Lexus has thought of a similiar thing when it had Rod Millen make the awesome IS430.  I have already seen a G35 by Top Secret of Japan with the VK45 twin-turboed, so I know it is possible. It would be buttery-smooth and a blast to drive.  Think about it Nissan and get back to me. ;-)


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Tuesday, April 19th, 2005
6:16 am

Well, the whole Indianapolis Airport thing was a bust.  We got an email from the professor saying that every group sucked and that nobody is going to do a presentation and nobody is getting any prizes.  Oh JOY!  It was great to spend the last month of my life trying my hardest to get this stupid thing over with and done well, and it sucked.  It sucked so bad they were disappointed with us.  Oh man, my life is for naught now.  Oh what shall I do?  I hate them.

We had our "Senior ISOM Retreat" for all the kids that are in this screwed up department here at BSU.  What was great is that I was required to go to this thing for points.  It started around 9:30, so that means I had the distinct pleasure of waking up at the wonderful time of around 7:30 just so I can drive to friggin' Anderson for this crap.  I got there and then waited for this overweight, huffing, buffoon of a man to yammer to us about how he is worth millions and how BSU was great and how we can get jobs.  And he kept cracking these inane stupid jokes at us the whole time trying to be "groovy" or whatever kids say these days.  That annoys me.  Just get up there, stammer about your life and get down before we get bored enough to start cutting ourselves.  Then we learned how to play Cricket, you know, that brutal game that the British play that involves sticky wickets, bowlers and people chucking some kind of wood/leather ball at about 900kph toward the batters head.  Crazy British people, they really need to find something to do with their spare time.  Then we got back, the bar opened and I got really drunk and threw my shoe at the Airport guy.  Well...ok, maybe not.  The drinks were expensive and the idiot bartender apparently did not know the difference between Diet and regular Pepsi.  MORON...GOSH!  Then more people talked, did some other crap, and I got insanely bored.

Check out Xanga for some funny Hitchhikers Guide characters and their personal blogs.  Good funny humor things to kill your time.

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Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
12:28 pm

I found my future car!  And it is not a Skyline, Viper or anything like that.

(at the very top)

That is right, it is a 1990 Nissan Pulsar GTi-R.  Isn't it the most beatiful/ugly car you have ever seen.  It is AWD, turbo and looks mean as hell.  I want it...I want it bad.  I will be taking up a collection to help raise the $10,500 plus driving for me to own this GORGEOUS vehicle.  Man, I am like freakin' drooling now.  I know most of you think it is ugly, but it is so awesome to me.  So...lets get the money flowing in.

Oh, and I got called about an interview on Wednesday at 4pm at New Horizons.  So I did some research and this place looks questionable.  I talk to some of my professors and I guess they "interview" you and then tell you that you are required to take these courses (which are expensive) to get the job.  I am not sure if I even want to go but I am still thinking about it.  Give me some feedback about it if you know.


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